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small lots

Big Ideas / Small Lots is an affordable housing design competion in NYC that my F19 Studio was based on. Taught by Maria Milans Del Bosch, we investigated different affordable design typologies for uniquely small lots in New York City.

My design embodied a communal dwelling focused on live/work/play with natural light ventilation otherwise unavailable on typical small lots in NYC.

In collabortation with Mustafa Bahce, we wanted to address issues of site connectivity to the waterfront of Mott Haven, Bronx and use architecture as flood protection to create new urban spaces in a rather industrial site along the waterfront. The concept experimented a new building typology that served as a transportation network system, above grade,
that allowed for new types of program for the community. This concept would serve, over time, a new datum for the city to raise its grade when the proposed coastal protection,
“The Bar”, would prove obsolete, after the 100 year storm/sea level rise.


New Datum


Los Angeles

Studying in Innsbruck, Austria under Stefano De Martino with no direction what so ever we were told to find something we were interested in LA and explore it. I found an abundance of parking lots and wondered with the future of automonous vehichles, where would they all go? Would they become new developments? How can we return the lots to the residents of LA while sustaining an adapatale design throughout the change in technology?


girl in cathedral

Budapest - Hungary

Hagia Sophia

Istanbul - Turkey

Vienna Streets

Vienna - Austria