As a recent 2020 Graduate of The New Jersey Institute of Technology with an Accredited Bachelors Degree in Architecture & Design, I hold great passion in being a part of the creation of space that we all experience. 

I believe the spaces we live, work and play in can all be progressive towards a better architecture. A better architecture is one that respects indivudual experiences, caters to the enviornment and above all allows for growth and education through the process. 

I have extensive experience and skill in softwares like Rhino, Auto-Cad, The Adobe Suite Programs, QGIS, Revit & more.

During my educational career I've studied in architectural studios that have involved affordable housing, multi-residential housing, urban-planning for coastal resilience among many more extremely interesting and very diffferent projects.


In the Spring of 2019 I studied abroad in Innsbruck, Austria under The Dean of The Faculty of Architecture at The University of Innsbruck Stefano DeMartino. There I learned much differently than I've been taught in The United States and developed even more skills and drive towards the practice of Architecture and Design. 

Architectural graphics have been a big part of my student career and are one of the reasons I've enjoyed the studies so much. I believe architectural graphics, as fun as they may look sometimes, are such an important and effective factor in representing a thought a specific way.

I've worked throughout my student career in two licensed architecture firms. One focused on renovations and residential builidngs where I spent a lot of time on construction documents, bid-sets and zoning information.


The other, One Architecture & Urbanism, in NYC is a global leader in large-scale climate adaptation and waterfront infrastucture planning. There I worked as an intern and developed a much larger appreciation and skill for climate change based architecture and urban design work.  

During my free time I enjoy working on architecture design competitions, whether graphic oriented or a complete design proposal. 

Overall I'm a passionate and driven young desinger excited to learn more and create spaces "towards a better architecture".